Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Why Do They Do This?

You may wonder how a sane child would do these things in the first place; but they are often drugged, tortured, and/or threatened. After the war is over, they are often left disabled, mentally traumatized, homeless, orphaned, and with no where to go.
Also many children are already orphaned or refugees to start with and feel they have to join army because it is their only way to survive. They already have no parents and/or no real home, and now they have to battle in war. It's horrible and sick and wrong, but sadly, it's happening...

The Stats

The use of Child Soldiers is happening in 36 countries worldwide. In fact, 300,000 are fighting in a war right now.

Did you know: about 1/4 of soldiers fighting in the civil war in Liberia are children.

Think about it: these children are your age, and even your younger siblings' ages. Do you think you're suited for war? What about your siblings? Well neither are the child soldiers - they've had little or no previous training.
They shouldn't be treated this way!

What Are Child Soldiers?

Child Soldiers are children under the age of eighteen who are taken away from their families and forced to participate in the combat of war. They are easily manipulated because of their young age - some are taken at the mere age of six! They are forced to kill not only enemies, but sometimes each other. This is a time when should be playing at home or going to school, but instead they are fighting and being used as 'human shields'.

It's a very disturbing thought. As 'human shields' they are forced to stand in front of their country's adult army. And that's it; they just stand there. They do this because most people have enough of a heart to not shoot at a young child. It's a cruel form of manipulation - you must choose between not firing/fighting at all or shooting a child to get to your REAL enemy.
They even go so far in some countries that they use children to clear landmines. So basically, they send them across a field and the children step on the bombs to the adults don't have to die. How can they live with themselves? Going across a field with dead children on it - knowing that they're the cause for it too...

Why Do You Think Child Soldiers Are Such A Big Deal??